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Information for Non-Hebrew Speakers

This page includes information in English on this site, the Mozilla Hebrew L10n project, and links to major features on this site.

What is Mozilla?

Mozilla is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. It is developped by Netscape engineers and volunteers from around the world at

What is is the home of the Mozilla Heberw Localization (L10n for short) project. This site was set up to help promote our work on Mozilla, and increase users' awarness of it. Our message board is intended to be a center for Hebrew Mozilla users, and developers - both of Mozilla compatible Web sites and of Mozilla components.

Who we are

Conributors to The Mozilla Hebrew L10n project include:
Tsahi Asher: Translator, maintainer of this site, general coordinator.
Zvi Nachmani: Developed the first language pack for Mozilla M18 and translated portions of Mozilla 0.9.4 and 0.9.8.
Barak Edry: Translated portions of Mozilla 0.9.8
Gad Abraham: Translated portions of the online help files for Mozilla 0.9.8


Download page. Here you can find our latest packs. you can also find some packs under development here.

The rest is in Hebrew for now...
Join us here.
Contact us with this e-mail.
Read News about this site and new language packs (Hebrew only. for English, see our sourceforge page.)
Find out how to translate. You'll find links to explanations on how to translate, in Hebrew.
Report bugs. A misspelled word, a XUL error, other problems with the pack, all goes here. If you already have a sourceforge ID, we would rather you use the SF bug submission page.
Q&A (or FAQ) are here (Hebrew).
Copyright © 1998-2001 The Mozilla Organization
and Hebrew localization team.
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