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Hebrew Language Pack for Mozilla 0.9.4
Language Pack Version: 0.1

Release Notes

This is the first release of a working lang pack for Mozilla since the lang pack that was released for Mozilla M18. So far only the Navigator component is working, in the sense that it is not crashing on startup. many menues are missing items, and some existing items do not work. It is still a long way from being a final release.

Open Issues:

  1. Help files are not yet translated. technically, this should not be a problem.
  2. All menues are aligned to the left. Hebrew is written right-to-left, so in the final relese all of the User Interface will be aligned to the right. This will be done by adding a dir="rtl" tag to the XUL files. I have yet to learn how to do that without ruining the UI when switching back to a left-to-right language.

Most of the work was done using Henrik Linggaard's MozillaTranslator 4.36. Final editing of the Language Pack files was done with UniPad, a unicode editor from

This pack is based on the work done by Zvi Nachmani on the Language Pack for Mozilla M18. I estimate that about 75% of the strings were translated by him. The rest was added or modified since, and in some places I used a different phrasing than he used.

Tsahi Asher
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