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Hebrew Language Pack for Mozilla 0.9.8
Language Pack Version: 1.0

Release Notes

A final version of a language pack for Mozilla 0.9.8. This pack includes these improvements:

  • This pack utilizes a new install script, generated by MozillaTranslator 5 beta8b, which is much better than those generated by previous MozillaTranslator versions.
  • This pack has better support for different platforms (Windows/Mac/UNIX).
  • The "Exit" and "Close" commands in the File menu, and the "OK", "Close" and "Help" buttons at the Mail & News Account Preferences dialog are now translated.

Open Issues

  • Search Messages doesn't work. The dialog box opens, but pressing the Search button does nothing.
  • Search Addresses doesn't work. You can search from the Search Bar, but the Advanced Search would not open. This also happens when using the original American-English pack, so this could be a Mozilla bug, and not a bug in the language pack.
It is likely that there are other problems. We will be happy to hear about them

This pack is in fact the pack that was released earlier, and marked version 0.4. Since it works relatively fine, except for the above problems, I've decided to make it the final release for this Mozilla release. If the there will be a need for an update, it will be marked with a higher version number.

Most of the work was done using Henrik Linggaard's MozillaTranslator 4.36. Final editing of the Language Pack files was done with UniPad, a Unicode editor from

This pack is based on the work done by Zvi Nachmani on the Language Pack for Mozilla M18 and parts of Mozilla 0.9.4. I estimate that about 75% of the strings were translated by him. The rest was added or modified since, and in some places I used a different phrasing than he used.

Copyright © 1998-2002 The Mozilla Organization
and Hebrew localization team.
עודכן לאחרונה: 29 יוני 2002