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Language Pack for Mozilla 1.0.0
Language Pack version: 1.0

Release Notes

Final version of a language pack for Mozilla 1.0.0.

  • This pack includes a full translation of the user interface of Mozilla 1.0.0.
  • A small typo in the install script, that could have caused errors with some of the users, was fixed.
  • Translations of some of the help files and the glossary were added.
  • Several errors in spelling and translation in the interface were fixed.
  • Support for Mac and UNIX users was improved, and some strings that were not translated in the previous version should now be translated.
  • The "Understanding Privacy" file, accessible from the sub-category Cookies in the Privacy & Security category in the Preferences dialog-box, was migrated from the language pack for Mozilla 0.9.8 and adapted to changes in phrasing that were made since. This file includes information about ways to protect personal information while surfing the web.

Open Issues

  • Selecting and Address Book card that doesn't contain a name and e-mail will hang Mozilla. Don't open a new card if you don't have a name to put in it!

It is likely that there are more problems. We will be happy to hear about them.

Most of the work was done using MozillaTranslator 4.36 by Henrik Lynggaard. Final editing was done using UniPad, a Unicode editor that can be found at

Tsahi Asher
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and Hebrew localization team.
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