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Hebrew language pack for Mozilla 1.1
Language pack version: 1.0

Release Notes

Language pack for Mozilla 1.1.

  • This pack includes a full translation of Mozilla 1.1.
  • Bugs Mozilla has with displaying a Right-To-Left (RTL) interface cause some elements, such as checkboxes, text lines, and item lists (e.g. the list of messages in Mail & Newsgroups, list of bookmarks in the bookmarks manager, and others) to appear not in their expected place. Additionally, a small number of dialog boxes may by unusable, for the same reason. Most of the bugs can be found in this list.
  • The location bar received a RTL directionality, in compliance with the fact that sites addresses are always in English. Now, Mozilla behaves better than other translated browsers in that respect. In future versions, this feature is planned for all fields in Mozilla's interface that hold servers' addresses (e.g. in proxy servers settings, mail and newsgroups servers, LDAP servers and so fourth. (bug 157607)
  • The translation of the help files was extended, and now there is a translation for the help files of Mail & Newsgroups, Navigator, and part of the help for handeling security certificates.
  • Contrary to previous versions, a translation of the IRC client ChatZilla was not included in this version. This component is modular, and can be installed seperately after you install Mozilla. This imposes a unique stucture on ChatZilla, that created technical problems in tranlsated versions in the past. In future versions of Mozilla this component is an integral part of the package, and it is likely that a translation will be provided at that time.
  • Sharing a profile of Hebrew Mozilla with an English Mozilla or Netscape may result in mixed Hebrew and English interface, Hebrew interface aligned to the left, or English interface aligned to the right. If you use another install of Mozilla or Mozilla-based browser, it is reccomended that you use a seperate profile for each install.

Open Subjects

  • Not all help files are translated. An effort will be made to extend the amount of translated help files in future versions of Mozilla.
  • Due to a Mozilla bug, the shortcut keys for using commands with the keyboard were left in English. When you want to use a shortcut key, make sure the keyboard is in English mode. (bug 162081).

it is likely that other problems exist. we will be happy to hear about them.

most of the work was done using MozillaTranslator 4.36 by Henrik Lynggaard. Final editing was done with Unipad, a Unicode editor that can be found at

© Tsahi Asher

Copyright © 1998-2002 The Mozilla Organization
and Hebrew localization team.
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