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Hebrew language pack for Mozilla 1.4
Language pack version: 0.9

Release Notes

This pack is intended for Mozilla 1.4

  • This pack includes a complete translation of the user interface of Mozilla 1.4.
  • All help files that were in the pack for version 1.3 are also included in this version, with necessary updates. An effort will be made to release an update version with a translation of the Mail help file.
  • This pack includes a complete content pack, which includes unique defaults for making a new profile.
  • ChatZilla is a separate unit in the software package, and consequently translating it caused technical problems in the past. In this version it is untranslated, and its preferences in the preferences panel are in English, although with right-to-left directionality. An effort will be made to release a translated version of it.

General Features

  • Composer, the Mozilla HTML editor, was improved, and it is now possible to change the size of an image or table by dragging their edge until required size is achieved.
  • The usability of the junk mail filter was improved.

Known Problems

  • The Personal Toolbar, that contains the quick access bookmarks, might be empty, while the bookmarks that were supposed to be on it are available by clicking the arrow at the end of the bar (bug 218528).
  • In the Address Book, when selecting a contact from the top part of the screen in the contact's details in the lower pane, the line Display Name, if exists, is in English. Translating this to Hebrew crashes Mozilla, and therefore was left in English (bug 206009).
  • When creating a new profile, the new profile should display a completely translated interface, with no exceptions, aligned to the right. additionally, the bookmarks file should be populated with several default bookmarks. If any of these elements is missing, it is recommended to delete the new profile and create it again. To minimize the chance of errors, it is recommended to create a new profile from Tools|Switch Profile..., with the existing profile already translated.

It is likely that there are other problems. We will be glad to hear about them.

Most of the work was done using MozillaTranslator 5.02 by Henrik Lynggaard. final editing was done with Unipad, a Unicode editor that can be found at

©Tsahi Asher

Copyright © 1998-2003 The Mozilla Organization
and Hebrew localization team.
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