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Hebrew language pack for Mozilla 1.6
Language pack version: 1.0

Release Notes

This pack is intended for Mozilla 1.6

  • This pack includes a complete translation of the user interface of Mozilla 1.5.
  • The help files in the English release of this version were updated. To shorten the time it takes to make the language pack, the help files were not translated. As time permits, an updated version of the langauge pack will be released, with translated help files.
  • This pack includes a complete content pack, which includes defaults unique to Israel for making a new profile. In particular, it includes a fix that allows viewing the talkback in articles on, which will be seen with a new profile. To add the fix to an existing profile, add the following lines to the file userContent.css, under the chrome folder under your profile folder. see the release notes for information on the location of the profile folder in your operating system.
    iframe[src*="/TalkBacks_iframe/"] { width: 268px !important; height: auto !important; direction: rtl !important; }
    if the file userContent.css does not exist, create it using a text editor, such as Notepad.
    In addition, the pack includes the Walla! and Nana search engines. These and other search engines can be installed seperately from
  • With the spreading of the use of the personal computer starting at the early 80's, the use of the "-" (minus) sign was was spreading, as a substitute to the "־" (MAKAF), such as in the expression "אף־על־פי־כן", or in the combination "כ־5", and that is because there is no key that allows easy access to these characters in the Hebrew keyboard, although the character exists in the Hebrew character set of the computer. Similarly, the characters ׳ (GERESH) and ״ (GERSHAYIM, used in abbreviations) were replaced with ' (apostrophe) and " (quotation marks) respectively. In this language pack, the original Hebrew characters where used instead of the incorrect substitutes. In the mean time, we are working with the Israeli standards institute to change the standard for the Hebrew keyboard, so that it will contain keys for easy access to these characters.

General Features

  • The automatic switch of the input language, e.g. in forms, was disabled in this version.
  • The email client now suppprts electronic business cards (vCard).
  • The page translation option was returned in this version, this time using the Google translation service.
  • Typing about:about in the address bar lists all about: options.

Known Problems

  • When the Classic theme is active, the profile wizard display may be currupt, to a point it is unusable. As a workaround, you should switch to the Modern theme before starting the profile wizard.
  • A new profile will always use the active language and content packs, and not those selected by the user for the new profile. This problem exists in other languages too. As a workaround, switch to a profile in which the language and conent packs requested for the new profile are active, and start the profile manager from the Tools menu.
  • Most of the settings that require entering server names or other English data, like email or proxy servers, are left-to-right. In some places the fields are still right-to-left. These places were reported to (bug 219070).
  • When creating a new profile, the new profile should display a completely translated interface, with no exceptions, aligned to the right. additionally, the bookmarks file should be populated with several default bookmarks. If any of these elements is missing, it is recommended to delete the new profile and create it again. To minimize the chance of errors, it is recommended to create a new profile from Tools|Switch Profile..., with the existing profile already translated.
  • A more complete list of interface and other problems.

It is likely that there are other problems. We will be glad to hear about them.

Most of the work was done using MozillaTranslator 5.02 by Henrik Lynggaard. final editing was done with Unipad, a Unicode editor that can be found at

©Mozilla Hebrew Localization team

Copyright © 1998-2004 The Mozilla Organization
and Hebrew localization team.
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